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Advantages and features of the Regulator

  • Elimination of charges for exceeding reactive power in a given range, both inductive and capacitive, for all four power quadrants.

  • Proper operation in systems with a variable flow of Electricity, and therefore also in systems with photovoltaics, windmills and other Eco energy sources.

  • The ability to maintain a given tangent even with an accuracy of tg (fi) = 0.1

  • Work with full load asymmetry independently for each phase.

  • Immediate reaction to the power value change, delay resulting only from the waiting time of the sinusoid potential equalization, so not longer than 0.005s.

  • The distributed device assembly system significantly improves the condition of the network, active power losses are reduced, which contributes to the reduction of active energy bills.

  • The device has a software DeathTime so that there is no resonance, it can be turned off if necessary.

  • 9000 compensation steps with an accuracy of 1.7 kVar in the basic configuration, any other power configuration possible, both downstream and upstream.

  • Detecting and reacting to voltage surges and sags as well as current surges.

  • Logging of network parameters in files on an SD card for later review.

  • Standard recording time every 2s, possible recording even every 100ms. Communication with external devices, including the possibility of connecting GSM transmission, standard JSON protocol.

  • The first models that we implemented in 2013 and 2015 brought 45% and 20% savings in electricity at the KERBI SC plant in Radom, respectively. These regulators are still in operation today.

  • Then, with the participation of the constructor cooperating with us, 9 regulators were implemented in the period 2014 - 2016. Savings for customers reached about 15 - 30%.

  • Since August 2016, research has been carried out on the Aceler Regulator. The first prototype was successfully launched in November 2016. Currently, works on the second prototype adapted to work with Rogowski coils are being completed.

  • Even in plants where capacitor banks are used, our devices can achieve savings. This is due to the fact that the average battery reaches the Power Factor value of about 0.94 - 0.95, and our regulator can reach PF = 0.9999. These are significant savings, especially with high power consumption.

  • The savings potential in this sector is estimated at approx. 3 - 10 TWh per year, which gives approx. PLN 1.7 billion in savings per year.

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